Bandwidth Throttling – WP7

I have been chasing down a defect in a Windows Phone 7 app that I’m involved with, but it seems to be bandwidth related. I really need to find a way to limit the bandwidth that the phone emulator is able to use.

On suggestion from some respected colleagues I used Fiddler to try to limit the bandwidth. There are a few extra steps you need to take to enable the emulator’s use of Fiddler, but once it is up and running you can use the “Simulate Modem Speed” option under Rules ยป Performance to limit the rate of data transmission. Sadly, though, in my instance the way fiddler handles this is not eally sufficient for me.

The config file for the rule lists the following section :

var m_SimulateModem: boolean = false;

if (m_SimulateModem){
  // Delay sends by 300ms per KB uploaded.
  oSession["request-trickle-delay"] = "300";
  // Delay receives by 150ms per KB downloaded.
  oSession["response-trickle-delay"] = "150";

Looking at the comments, it implies that it will add a delay of 150ms to each KB of data returned. Sadly, the amount of data I’m working with is so small that the bandwidth limiting isn’t able to make any difference.

So, now I’m looking for alternate ways to achieve my goal, preferably to limit the data coming back on a byte-by-byte basis rather than per KB chunk. If you have any ideas, please either leave a comment here or get in touch through Twitter (@ZombieSheep)

Thanks a lot. :)