Audio and image support – Gotcha!

I’m currently working on a WPF application to extend a Silverlight control to support the capture of audio and webcam still images.   All seems to be going pretty well using a Logitech QuickCam Communicate STX as the capture device, using Avicap32.dll to handle images and NAudio for the audio.

Or so I thought.  When I deployed the application to my second dev environment, I kept getting the error “NoDriver calling waveInOpen”.  I spent a long while researching what the problem was, and kept coming up with the answer “Everyone says there is no audio driver installed, but I know it is there because I built the machine myself.”

That’s when it hit me.  The light bulb moment.  The moment when one tiny detail that was staring me in the face suddenly made itself apparent.  I was using the second machine in an MSTSC session from my main dev box, and had opted to bring audio across to the main box, too.  A quick setting change in the client configuration for MSTSC and all was well again.  I thought I’d better blog it to stop anyone else beating their head against a wall for an hour.