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BizTalk EDI Problems

I have had a few problems with Biztalk this morning. I’ve been trying to validate an EDI instance file against one of the standard EDI schemas supplied with Biztalk. It was bahaving strangely. Initially, the error I was presented with was :

Could not find file “C:\DOCUME~1\USER1\LOCALS~1\Temp\validins.xml”.

Confused, I tried to use the “Generate Instance” function to try to see what was going wrong. This time, I got another error :

XSD2EDI failed to convert XSD: Compiling repository failed

A quick Google on this turned up this page in Microsoft’s knowledge base. In short, if you are logged on to the BT server with a domain account, and the EDI service is running with a machine-local account, you need to ensure that your domain account is in the “EDI Subsystem Users” group on the BT server.

As it happens, my schema instance failed to validate, but that’s life, I suppose.

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WMI Out Of Memory issues

I have been working on an automated way of deploying BizTalk assemblies, orchestrations and bindings without having to use NAnt or MSBuild this week. It has thrown up a problem that lots of people must have if they are doing a similar thing.

Many times, my scripts would fail periodically, but not in predictable places. After looking at the logs I generate, I noticed that there were a lot of “out of memory” errors caused by WMI operations. I needed a quick fix, so I came up with this (horrible and hacky) workaround.

Before each section of code, restart the “winmgmt” service. That’s it. The scripts now work flawlessly – or at least, they fail in predictable places now.


I have just been pointed towards this page which details how to increase the amount of memory available to WMI from its default of 128MB.