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New Band

After a good few years playing with Hydra, I have started a new band. Four are similar to Hydra in the material we play, but we’re a four-piece (guitar, bass, drums and vocals) which makes my job as guitarist a bit more tricky.

Anyway, we have a very small, low-key gig planned for late April – mainly so we can try out some of our more eclectic material on a real audience. Hopefully it will go down as well with them as it has done with the band members so far. Let’s see, shall we?

4 in rehearsals

More shots of the Parker Clone

This gallery contains a few more shots of my CH Guitars Parker clone.

As you may have read before, I replaced the microphonic bridge pickup with a very reasonably priiced Kent Armstrong “Rocker” humbucker. Initial impressions of the pickup are very favourable indeed. I’ll try to post some audio of it in action. Some time.

A Surprising New Guitar *updated*

As those that know me will testify, I have stunningly poor taste in guitars. It’s not that I buy rubbish, it’s just that the aesthetics that people seem to have an issue with.

In keeping with this tradition, I made a new purchase last weekend at the Newcastle Guitar Show. I had set off for the show with a vague idea of picking up a cheap Floyd Rose equipped guitar for use on an upcoming project. Most of the guitars fell into one of the two categories – cheap or Floyd-equipped. Just as I was beginning to resign myself to the fact that I was going to be out of luck, I came across the C H Guitars stand. That’s when my luck changed.

The first guitar my eyes fell upon was a Parker Fly-like, chinese made guitar with a quilt blue burst finish. And it had a Floyd clone. And it was £139. Something had to be very wrong, or so I thought.

From it’s stand it played remarkably well for such a low-cost instrument. Great action, lovely amounts of sustain, near-perfect intonation. The only low point was a couple of dead spots on the upper reaches of the fretboard, but these were removed easily by tuning the instrument up to correct pitch (it was about 3/4 of a tone flat on the stand). What could I do but hand over the cash there and then?

The day after buying, I took the guitar to a rehearsal to put it through its paces properly. Unfortunatley, I discovered that the bridge pickup was very microphonic, so using overdrive at decent volume was not an option. The neck pickup was beautiful, though, with a lovely warm tone. A quick call to my luthier and we’d arranged a very good price for swapping out the bridge pickup for a Kent Armstring “Rocker”, and the addition of a coil tap. With any luck, I’ll get the guitear back tonight and be giving it a good workout ovber the weekend. I’ll keep you posted, and also add some better pictures.

*UPDATE* It turns out that this was a pre-production prototype. I’m still impressed, even given that my luthier scratched the top while working on it. These things happen, and he’s repaired the damage done and thrown in a setup for my trouble. That saves me a job, at least! With a little luck, it should be ready for the next rehearsal on Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.