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Windows Live Writer Plugin #1 – YouTube Video.

**ANOTHER EDIT** Version 1.0 out now.

**EDIT** version 0.2 now includes support for Google Video

Version 0.1 still available (in case the new mods give you trouble).

Here’s my first ever Plugin for Windows Live Writer.

It requests the ID for a video clip in YouTube (for example, the url of the default video is so the id from that url is GtdJFtdXYps ).  For Google video, you need to docid number (19 digits) for example : would give the docid of 3573852431733156394.

From that scant information, the plugin adds the embedded player for the video into your post.  Simple.

Download the file, and then extract the DLL into the Plugins folder of your WLW installation.  It will then appear in the “Insert” menu on the next restart of WLW.

I know it’s not much, but I thought I’d write it as a quick practice.

Demo :



Excuse of the Day in the sidebar

You may have spotted the “Excuse of the Day” at the top of the left sidebar. This isn't a WordPress plugin as such, but a small bit of PHP in one of the theme files. If you want to use the same code, there are a couple of things you need to do.

1) In my case, I am concious of not wanting to abuse Eric's bandwidth, so I have set up a shell script via cron to wget the feed file once per day. I'd recommend this for another reason – if, due to unforseen circumstances, meyerweb is down, your code will still work on your local copy.
2) Edit your theme file in the appropriate place to include this block.